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PVC Dress

Hot, Shiny and Sexy

If dressing up is a part of your favourite fetish then you really need to make it something very special. For many people wearing shiny stretch PVC clothing is a fetish all on its own. Although it may look like you are encased in patent leather, PVC is far more comfortable as it stretches to fit and is nowhere near as expensive. You can start out with a PVC dress for your first foray into the world of PVC, but you will soon find that both you and your lover will begin to add to your collection and before long you will both be spending your personal time if not a large part of your public time in full PVC regalia.

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Sexy PVC Dress Outfit

A lovable costume for a little devil lady.

Price: £ 30.00

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Sexy Nurse PVC Fancy Dress

Great costume that includes all necessary accessories.

Price: £ 30.00

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PVC dresses come in a large variety of styles and colors, to suit every taste; one of the more popular ones is the PVC mini dress that hugs the curves of your body down to just below your bottom cheeks. Designed to act a little like a corset it will hold your breasts in place while leaving the tops of them exposed for all to see.

If you would prefer something a little longer there are mid length and floor length PVC dresses to suit almost every occasion. The floor length PVC dress features a corset type bodice and is slit all the way up the front so that when you walk you get to show off your stocking encased legs or that pair of thigh high PVC boots you are sporting.

A Bit More Daring

If you are not the dress type, perhaps you might want to consider a PVC skirt instead. Usually worn as a mini skirt and topped off with either a form fitting PVC tube top or a PVC corset, these little numbers are just long enough to keep everything covered just as long as you do not have to bend over for anything. Just in case you do have to bend over you can always put on a pair of PVC panties, if you add in a pair of black fishnet stockings and a pair of patent leather stilettos every guy on the block will be vying for your phone number.

OK Guys Your Turn

There is no way that the girls should get to have all the fun, men like PVC clothes as well and since they do not wear dresses, how about a pair of PVC pants? These babies fit so well that they are like a second skin. They will let you proudly display every curve and bulge in your pants that normally get hidden in a pair of jeans. Imagine the looks from all the ladies when you go strutting down the street in a pair of shiny black PVC pants that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

And to complete the ensemble for both men and women, especially those for whom PVC is a true erotic experience there is of course PVC underwear. For the ladies this includes panties, bras, and corsets and of course thongs, for the guys there are several different styles of thongs available. With a little time, effort and letting your inner fetishist run wild you will be slithering into your PVC every chance you get, just so that your lover can have the pleasure of slipping you back out of it.